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The records for this series are divided into sections, based either on major headings in the classification system or another meaningful grouping. The sections are listed below. Click on them to view the records for each, or view everything by clicking the ‘Show Whole List’ button.

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1/Accounts   VIEW »
2/Claims   VIEW »
3/Pay and allowances   VIEW »
4/Pensions   VIEW »
5/Air, aerial defence of New Zealand   VIEW »
6/Ships and repairs   VIEW »
7/Mining   VIEW »
8/Intelligence   VIEW »
9/Reserves   VIEW »
10/Base and shore establishments   VIEW »
11/Naval stations, Hydrographical   VIEW »
12/Fuel   VIEW »
13/Personnel   VIEW »
14/Material   VIEW »
15/Medical   VIEW »
16/Operations, Training   VIEW »
17/Security   VIEW »
18/Acts, Regulations, Publications   VIEW »
19/Passages and travelling   VIEW »
20/Defence of New Zealand and Pacific Islands   VIEW »
21/Stores   VIEW »
22/Court-Martials, Courts of Enquiry, Conferences   VIEW »
23/New Zealand Centenary 1940   VIEW »
24/Scientific development   VIEW »
25/Miscellaneous   VIEW »
40/Defence construction and maintenance   VIEW »