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New Zealand Vietnam Force: Operations - Activity Reports (R383432) 1970 - 1971

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R383432 ABFK W3593 66 / 42/17/1 2 Text


ACCESSION period responsible
These records include registered files on Land (for example in Wellington), Buildings, Equipment and Stores, Supplies, Transport, Discipline, Ceremonial, Finance, Recruiting, etc. more detail…
1911 - 1980

Ministry of Defence Headquarters more detail…

The Ministry of Defence comprised the Minister of Defence, the Defence Council, the New Zealand Army, the Royal New Zealand Air Force and the Royal New Zealand Navy, plus Defence Headquarters staff and other supporting military and civilian staffs within New Zealand and overseas.

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Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force more detail…

The New Zealand Defence Force served to protect the sovereignty and advance the well-being of New Zealand by maintaining a level of armed forces sufficient to deal with small contingencies affecting New Zealand and its region and capable of contributing to collective efforts where wider interests were involved.

As part of the 1989 restructuring of the Ministry of Defence, Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force (HQ NZDF) was established as the central component of the Defence Force structure.

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Army Department more detail…

The Army Department was responsible for the administration and financial control of New Zealand's military land forces (official named the New Zealand Army in 1950).

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Access to this record has been restricted by the Agency.

Access Statement:

All records have open public access unless they fall into one of the following categories:

1.  All records are restricted for 25 years from date of file closure in order to protect the political and administrative processes.

2.  The following records are restricted for 70 years from date of closure in order to preserve personal privacy:

    Staff in Confidence files
    Files of a disciplinary and investigative nature
    Complaints or irregularities
    Honours and awards, housing, legal aid and promotions
    Other records containing sensitive information on individual personnel

3.  Records containing financially sensitive information are restricted for 70 years from date of closure in order to protect business interests

4.  Records containing personal medical information or information linking casualty names with injuries, accidents or sickness are restricted for 100 years from date of closure in order to preserve personal privacy.

5.  Records relating to criminal proceedings outside the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Defence Force are restricted for 100 years from date of closure in order to preserve personal privacy.

6.  The following military chaplain records are restricted in order to protect personal privacy:

    Baptism and Confirmation Registers restricted for 100 years from date of last entry
    Marriage Registers are restricted for 80 years from date of last entry
    Death Registers are restricted for 50 years from date of last entry

7.  Records containing legal advice are restricted in accordance with paragraphs 4.58 to 4.68 of the Cabinet Manual 2008 and are not to be released without the approval of the Attorney-General.

8. The record of proceedings of a court of inquiry are restricted indefinitely in accordance with s 200T of the Armed Forces Discipline Act 1971 and are not to be disclosed without the authority of the superior commander of the Service concerned.

9.  Court Martial records are restricted indefinitely in accordance with s 75 of the Court Martial Act 2007 and require the authority of the Judge Advocate General for disclosure.

10.  Some NZDF files are restricted from record lists for 100 years from date of file closure for reasons of security for serving military personnel and to protect sensitive personal privacy.

Access Contacts:

Defence Contact - Information Services Manager,
                                  Information Services,
                                  HQ NZ Defence Force,
                                  Private Bag, WELLINGTON

Restriction expires end of: 2041

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