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Adoption Orders 1-199 (R18828948) 1915 - 1931

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R18828948 AAOW W3244 274 / Text


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Napier High Court and District Court registers, indexes and files more detail…
c.1860 - c.1981

Napier High Court more detail…

One of 19 High Courts throughout New Zealand. Originally called Supreme Courts, these were renamed in 1980, but their function did not alter. The role of High Courts in New Zealand was to try the more serious criminal and civil cases, to administer the probating of wills, to hear divorce cases and bankruptcy cases as well as a number of other duties.

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Napier District Court more detail…

The Napier District Court was one of 66 District Courts throughout New Zealand and was a part of the Ministry of Justice. Its role was to administer criminal cases, except for those of a serious nature, which were administered by High Courts, and civil cases up to $200,000.  More serious cases were heard in High Courts. District Courts also administered Disputes Tribunals, the Tenancy Tribunal, Family Courts and Youth Courts.

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Access Statement:

1. Courts Schedule restrictions (AA43 and AA886) apply to all non-criminal files.

2. Criminal Files are covered by AA886 and AA231 (Criminal matters records) - In general, records containing information relating to criminal matters will no longer be restricted after 100 years has passed since the date of last action on the record. However, some records, or parts of records, may be sealed or restricted for longer periods by a court order.

Access to criminal records less than 100 years old may be subject to restrictions. Such restrictions would be applied to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993 and/or the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004, as well as other legislation which controls access to court records.

Access Contacts:

Non-criminal records

Permission to access restricted records should be sought from the Napier High/District Court. Please check the Ministry of Justice’s website for the most up to date contact details at:

Please note: additional rules regarding copying and publication etc. may be imposed by the relevant court or the Ministry of Justice at the time of granting access to restricted records.

Criminal records

All criminal records under 100 years old are restricted. Some records may also be sealed or restricted for longer periods by a court order. All requests for permission to access restricted records should provide information about the reason for the research. The more information provided, the easier it is to consider the request.

Requests to access Court criminal records (High Court, District Court, Court of Appeal) held at Archives NZ should also be directed to:




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