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HENNING, Gladys - [a.k.a. SANDFORD, Gladys] - WW1 87100 - Army (R16794427) 1914 - 1918

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R16794427 AABK 18805 W5539 112 / 0053635 Text


RECORD SERIES period responsible
Military Personnel Files more detail…

This series covers the original personnel files, duplicate personnel files, military history sheets, and microfilm copies of the original personnel files of New Zealand Defence service personnel. Most original files were destroyed after being microfilmed. Those original files which were retained mainly cover officers and senior non-commissioned officers, but also include some other ranks.

A list of commonly used abbreviations on WWI military service records can be found here.


1878? - current

New Zealand Defence Force, Personnel Archives more detail…

Personnel Archives, historically known as Base Records, was located at Trentham Army Camp. It was the principal repository for the closed personnel files of former New Zealand military service members.

1915 - current
Headquarters New Zealand Permanent Force more detail…

The New Zealand Permanent Force was the professional core of the New Zealand defence and military forces from 1886 up to formation of the Territorial Force in 1911.

1886 - 1911
Department of Defence more detail…

The Department of Defence was responsible for the defence of New Zealand and the administration of New Zealand's defence and military forces.

1878? - 1937
Headquarters New Zealand Constabulary Force more detail…

The New Zealand Constabulary Force was responsible for carrying out military and police functions, as well as some public works.

1878? - 1886
Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force more detail…

The New Zealand Defence Force served to protect the sovereignty and advance the well-being of New Zealand by maintaining a level of armed forces sufficient to deal with small contingencies affecting New Zealand and its region and capable of contributing to collective efforts where wider interests were involved.

As part of the 1989 restructuring of the Ministry of Defence, Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force (HQ NZDF) was established as the central component of the Defence Force structure.

1990? - 1990?
Army Department more detail…

The Army Department was responsible for the administration and financial control of New Zealand's military land forces (official named the New Zealand Army in 1950).

1937 - 1964


Access to this record has been restricted by Archives New Zealand for preservation reasons, and by the Agency due to the content of the record.

Access Statement:

All personnel files are open, except for:

• Reference enquiries from private individuals in sealed envelopes, which are restricted for 70 years from date of transfer to protect the privacy of enquirers. (Note: the sealed envelopes do not contain information about service personnel; they are enquiries from private individuals only and therefore will not appear in the digitised version of the record).

Note: Reviews are not complete at this time.  All such files should therefore be regarded as restricted until such time as their status is updated to 'open' in Archway.  This applies even if the restriction expiry date, as recorded in the record list on Archway, has been reached or passed.

• A large proportion of these records contain microfilm strips that cannot be produced in the reading room for preservation reasons.  However, a file that contains microfilm strips can be digitised on reader request and the digital copy will be linked to the Archway entry (if we have not already done so).

If you would like to request that a personnel file be digitised please contact us by either visiting our Wellington Reading Room or by using our Remote Reference Service:

Phone: (64-4) 499 5595
Fax: (64-4) 495 6210
Post: Archives New Zealand, Head Office
P O Box 12-050
Wellington 6011

• Microfilm copies of personnel files for personnel who served beyond 1920 are restricted on the grounds of privacy.  The microfilm reels may not be issued to the public, but Archives New Zealand staff may search the reels and provide copies of information on personnel whose service ended before the end of 1920.  This restriction will be reviewed when the remaining service records for personnel who served beyond 1920 are transferred to Archives New Zealand.

W3629: Maori service personnel duplicate files are restricted on the grounds of privacy for 100 years from the date of the last paper on file.

Access Contacts:

New Zealand Defence Force Historian
Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force
Private Bag

Restriction expires end of: 2075

read more about restrictions… Once you have been granted access, bring the original letter with you when you place your order for the records.

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