DA418 | Current

Date Approved: 03/03/2010
Expiry Date: 01/12/2022

Agency Responsible: Inland Revenue Department, National Office (AAEC)


This Disposal Authority sets out the disposal actions for each sub-class of records relating to the core business functions of the Inland Revenue Department.  These include tax administration and social assistance programme records, including child support, student loans, family assistance, paid parental leave and KiwiSaver records.

It covers all business-specific records, post-introduction of the Public Records Act in April 2005.

The Disposal Authority was amended in 2011 to cover Bulk email and related low value business e-communications.

In Febuary 2020 the Disposal Authority was extended to 1 December 2022 to enable Inland Revenue to continue using it during the organisations' multi-year, multi-stage Business Transformation programme.



Disposal Type: Schedule transfer or destruction


date comments
19/02/2020 Expiry date extended to 1 December 2022.
12/03/2012 Bulk email and related low value business e-communications

APPRAISAL DOCUMENTATION  This is all the documentation that forms the Disposal Authority.


These classes of records have been discharged as public records.

No discharge classes to view.

Version Number: 4
Date Approved: 21/02/2020