Waipu Post Office   (BBSU)
1858 - 1987


Government postal services were provided in New Zealand from 1840 although the Post Office was not established as a Department until 1858. The Post Office performed a wide variety of functions on behalf of the Crown, including the provision of postal, telegraphic, telephone and banking services. In addition the Post Office assisted in the administration of associated functions in other areas of government, for instance, pension payments, motor vehicle registration and radio inspection. As a result of the 1986 State Owned Enterprises Act, from 1987 these services were split between NZ Post Ltd, PostBank Ltd., and Telecom Corporation of NZ Ltd. Waipu Post Office acted as a births, deaths and marriages registration office between 1858 and 1987.


Location : , Waipu - 37km south-west of Whangarei


  • State Owned Enterprises Act 1986
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