Department of Education, Special and Industrial Schools Branch   (ACKJ)
1880 - 1925


Established in 1880, its principal function being responsibility for the welfare of children and young persons. Successive acts of law made the department responsible for: the adoption of children under twelve years of age; inspection of neglected children committed to industrial schools by the courts; overseeing the fostering out of children; prevention of cruelty towards and exploitation of children; protection of adopted infants (under two years) through licensing and inspection of foster homes; overseeing various industrial schools, orphanages, training farms, special schools for the disabled and probationary homes for children sentenced by the courts; and in 1918 legal guardianship of and responsibility for children orphaned by the influenza epidemic of 1918-1919.


Location : Wellington


  • Child Welfare Act 1925
  • Adoption of Children Act 1881
  • Children's Protection Act 1890
  • Industrial Schools Act 1882
  • Industrial Schools Act 1885 Amendment 1885
  • Industrial Schools Act 1908
  • Industrial Schools Act Amendment Act 1895
  • Industrial Schools Amendment Act 1909
  • Infant Life Protection Act 1893
  • Infant Life Protection Act 1907
  • Neglected and Criminal Children Act 1867
  • Statute Law Amendment Act 1917
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