Ministry of Education, National Office   (ABEP) Te Tahuhu o te Matauranga
1989 - current


The passing of the Education Act, 1989, saw a major restructuring of education administration. This saw the disestablishment of the Education Boards, with a residual management unit taking over remaining functions for a short period of time. The Ministry of Education was established to provide policy advice to the Government on aspects of education, including employment-related education and training. The Ministry also ensured that the Government's educational policies were implemented in effective, efficient and equitable ways, and advised the Government on the best use of the resources allocated to education.


Location : Wellington


  • State Sector Act 1988
  • Education Act 1964
  • Education Act 1989
  • Education Lands Act 1949
  • Industry Training Act 1992
  • Kitchener Memorial Scholarship Trust Act 1941
  • Music Teachers Act 1981
  • New Zealand Council for Educational Research Act 1972
  • New Zealand Library Association Act 1939
  • Ngarimu V.C and 28th (Maori) Battalion Memorial Scholarship Fund Amendment Act 1985
  • Pacific Islands Polynesian Education Foundation Act 1972
  • Private Schools Conditional Integration Act 1975
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