Whanganui High Court   (ABCG)
c.1860 - current


The role of the Wanganui High Court, previously known as the Supreme Court was to try the more serious criminal and civil cases, to administer the probating of wills, the hearing of divorce cases and bankruptcy cases. Other court business included the administration of:

Writs of Sale

Chattels and other loan agreements

Taxation registration

Mortgage sales and property ratings

Offenders legal aid

Land valuation proceedings

Other miscellaneous court business including companies winding up, aged and infirm persons, matrimonal property applications, changes of name by deed poll, criminal and civil appeals, domestic appeals, and applications by solicitors for admission to the bar. This business was also known as agency cases.



name year
Wanganui High Court 1980-c.2009
Wanganui Supreme Court c.1860-1980
Wanganui Compensation Court

Location : Wanganui, Wanganui-Manawatu
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