Otago Surveyors' Field Books   (24967)
1844 - unknown  range held: 1844 - 1871


The Otago Surveyors' Field Books documented the cadastral and geodetic surveying of the Otago and Southland region. The Field Books contained information about surveying work done: triangulations, traverses, harbour soundings, lunar observations, topography, land for pastoral use, etc.

The Field Books also recorded: surveying expenses, salaries, equipment, etc. Many contained a daily record of work, landscape sketches, names of residents, botanical observations, English and Maori place names, railways, roads and tracks, etc.

Notable surveyors included William Davison, who did the surveys of the Otago region in 1844-1847, Charles H Kettle's surveys in the Dunedin and South Otago areas, and John Turnbull Thomson, who did the reconnaissance surveys in 1857 and1858. The early surveys were under conducted under the governance of the New Zealand Company and later, the Otago Provincial Government. James McKerrow surveyed and mapped the Otago lakes district.

Survey data would have been used to draw up various kinds of maps and plans, for each survey district,  such as survey office plans, deposited plans, etc.


Dates of Holdings : 1844 - 1871
Location of Holdings : Archives New Zealand, Dunedin Regional Office
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  • Royal Charter and Instructions of 1846, 1847, 1848 and 1849
  • Royal Charter of 1840 and Instructions
  • Surveying Regulations 1879
  • Surveying Regulations 1886
  • Surveying Regulations 1897
  • Surveying Regulations 1908
  • Surveying Regulations 1923
  • Surveying Regulations 1940
  • Surveying Regulations 1947
  • Surveying Regulations 1949
  • Surveying Regulations 1959
  • Surveying Regulations 1972
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