Maori roll plans - A, B and C series - South Auckland Land District   (24788)
1867? - 1990?  range held: 1867 - 1990


The plans in this series were a wide range of land maps, plans and drawings relating to Maori land in the South Auckland Land District.

Many of the plans were kept rolled in numbered slots in cabinets, which is why they were called roll plans. However, other plans, usually smaller, did not need to be kept rolled but were numbered into the same series, and hung in a plan cabinet. The plans in this series were kept in an area convenient to the Crown Lands office so that they could be referred to when required for ongoing work, and they were often taken from other sequences for this purpose.

The plans were divided into three sequences, beginning with the letter A, B or C

South Auckland roll plans also included the Blue Black series, the Green Series and the Red Series, which are described separately.


Dates of Holdings : 1867 - 1990
Location of Holdings : Archives New Zealand, Auckland Regional Office
Access : Open  see more …
Archives NZ description type : Series (see more about description types)
Version Number: 2
Date Approved: 21/03/2016