Surveyors' Field Books, South Auckland Land District   (1180) Hamilton Field Books
c.1859 - c.2007  range held: 1859 - 1983


The field books in this series were issued by the Department of Lands and Survey for surveys authorised by the Department in the South Auckland region.

The field books numbered up to 5380 were registered together with the whole of the Auckland Land District field books in the same sequence, though written into the South Auckland register, but from field book 5382 onwards a separate sequence was used for each land district. Thus, the early South Auckland Land District field books are also in the same series as the early North Auckland Land District field books (series 24484).

It appears that the books may sometimes have been numbered and entered in the register a long time after they were issued and returned, so it is possible the separation of the numbering systems occurred after the Hamilton District Office opened in 1963.

All items held by Archives New Zealand are early field books, so the number of the field book  appears in both the Auckland and South Auckland registers.


Dates of Holdings : 1859 - 1983
Location of Holdings : Archives New Zealand, Auckland Regional Office
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