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Date Approved: 02/08/2013
Expiry Date: 02/08/2023

Agency Responsible: Archives New Zealand, National Office (ARNZ)


General Disposal Authority 7: Facilitative, Transitory, and/or Short-Term Value Records, was developed for the use of public offices wishing to dispose of facilitative, transitory, and/or short-term value public records legally.

This General Disposal Authority covers generic classes of records of any format that have only short-term transitory value in their immediate and minor facilitation of preparing a more complete public record. Therefore they are not required for evidential or legal purposes. These records are created through routine administrative and business processes common to most public offices in the course of performing a public office’s primary core business functions, duties and responsibilities.

Public offices may use GDA 7 without requiring any further authorisation from the Chief Archivist. However, if a public office has an agency-specific continuing disposal authority relating to the same records covered by GDA 7, then the existing agency-specific disposal authority should be considered the legal authority, superseding GDA 7. If the public office has no agency-specific disposal authorities relating to such records, then GDA 7 should be considered the legal authority for those facilitative, transitory, and short-term value records.

Disposal Type: General Disposal Authority


date comments
31/10/2017 Minor editorial changes to Amendment Report and Guidelines for Public Offices removal of obsolete links.
27/07/2016 Minor editorial change in class 1.3 - removed the reference to Digitisation Toolkit in 'Excludes' section
12/01/2016 Amendment of existing classes and a further four sub-classes added to cover born digital records created by public offices in the course of performing their primary core business functions.

APPRAISAL DOCUMENTATION  This is all the documentation that forms the Disposal Authority.


These classes of records have been discharged as public records.

No discharge classes to view.

Version Number: 5
Date Approved: 07/11/2017