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Date Approved: 01/06/2012
Expiry Date: 01/06/2022

Agency Responsible: Ministry of Health, Head Office (ABQU)


This appraisal report is for a retention and disposal schedule for the National Screening Unit (NSU) which is part of the National Health Board, National Services Purchasing group of the Ministry of Health.  As the development of a Ministry-wide retention and disposal schedule for the Ministry of Health is likely to be some years away, NSU wishes put in place effective and approved disposal of records through the development of a full retention and disposal schedule covering the unit’s electronic and hard-copy records. In the future it is likely that this retention and disposal schedule will be subsumed into a Ministry of Health retention and disposal schedule.

Disposal Type: Schedule transfer or destruction


date comments
10/06/2015 The new class 4.8 Newborn Blood Spot Cards was added to the exisiting disposal schedule.

APPRAISAL DOCUMENTATION  This is all the documentation that forms the Disposal Authority.


These classes of records have been discharged as public records.

No discharge classes to view.

Version Number: 2
Date Approved: 16/06/2015