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Date Approved: 22/11/2005
Expiry Date: 22/11/2019

Agency Responsible: Department of Internal Affairs, Head Office (AAAC)


This disposal schedule covers routine ministerial records from Ministers and Associate Ministers of the Crown. Due to difficulties in delineating between public records and non-public records it was decided that this schedule would only cover those records identified for destruction. Although the schedule was originally approved under the Archives Act on 10 November 2004 (DA162), it was re-issued as a General Disposal Authority under the Public Records Act 2005 on 22 November 2005 (DA214).

Disposal Type: Schedule transfer or destruction


date comments
19/06/2018 Expiry date extended again to 22 November 2019
09/12/2016 Expiry date extended again to 22 November 2017
13/05/2016 Expiry date extended again to 22 November 2016
20/11/2015 Expiry date extended until 22 May 2016

APPRAISAL DOCUMENTATION  This is all the documentation that forms the Disposal Authority.


These classes of records have been discharged as public records.

No discharge classes to view.

Version Number: 8
Date Approved: 03/09/2018