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Update: Wellington Reading Room - Scheduled Maintenance

Please note : Due to scheduled external maintenance work at Archives in Wellington, there may be increased noise levels in the Reading Room from Thursday 31 May to early June. Please also be advised that the Wellington Reading Room will need to be closed at 3pm on Friday 1 June.

The work schedule is weather dependant so may change with limited notice. Should any changes occur we will update the website notices as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Update: Important message for all Christchurch Office of Archives New Zealand customers

In late June this year, we will begin the process of moving to our new building in Wigram at 15 Harvard Avenue, near the Air Force Museum. The move will take six to eight weeks and there will be some disruption to our services during this time.

We aim to keep the Reading Room at Peterborough Street open for most of this period, although we will be closing for three weeks from Friday 13 July before re-opening in Wigram on Monday 6 August. We may be able to allow limited access to the Deeds Room material during those three weeks. Please note, however, that as individual archives are moved from Peterborough Street to Wigram from late June, they will not be available for viewing until we are open in the new building.

We strongly recommend that if you are planning any research in the near future you aim to complete this before June or delay it until August.

Please also note that there will be no parking available on site at Peterborough Street during the move.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. This advisory will be updated as dates become clearer. Please keep an eye on our website, Archway, and Facebook or contact the Christchurch Office on 03 377 0760 and email if you have any questions.