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Fees and Charges are Increasing

As of 1 July 2015, many of Archives New Zealand’s fees and charges are increasing.

A comprehensive review of fees and charges has taken place to establish the costs associated with the services we provide and as a result we have adjusted our pricing. This now brings our fees and charges into line with state sector best practice guidelines which advise that where services are charged for, full costs should be recovered. Fees and charges were last increased in 2006. Since that time, we have been providing increasingly more of our most popular information online and continually adding to our online finding aid, Archway. This enables researchers to look at more archives and conduct more research from home at no cost.

Services which are currently free of charge, such as the Reading Room service and the advice component of the Remote Reference service, will remain free. For a complete list of fees and charges , please go to our (fees and charges) page.

Thank you for using our services and we look forward to be of further help to you in the future.


Archives New Zealand’s Christchurch Office change to reading room hours

From 5 January 2015 normal opening hours for the public reading room in Christchurch will be: 9.30am to 1.00pm, Monday to Friday, with last orders by 12.30pm; closed on public holidays.

This change is to facilitate work on our holdings in preparation for an eventual move to new premises. If you are visiting our office from outside Christchurch it is advisable to contact us in advance to ensure the items you would like to see are available on the day of your visit. Please email (, or ring us on 03 377 0760.

Chris Adam, Christchurch Regional Archivist